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Doing Destination?!


The most essential part of your destination wedding is having a stylist you know and trust! Through extensive research and experience, it is beyond worth the expense to bring your stylist with you. We want you to be educated in your decision process so we have listed some points and tips below to help make your booking easier.

1) Trials - You will be provided with a consistent stylist to create the same look on your trial day back home and the wedding day at your destination. It is important to receive a trial service to ensure the style you dream of is what you prefer in person. This trial style will be consistent with the service you will receive on the big day!

2) Talent - Throughout choosing a stylist and completing the Trial you will be at ease knowing the talent of your artist is undeniable. You will not be left wondering last minute if they are capable of creating your bridal styles. 

3) Product - Our products travel with us! We will have our top contenders in the styling line up! You can expect and trust the brands you are used to back home. 

3) Language - Let's be honest. Language barriers are a total awkward situation. It's best to avoid those circumstances when it comes to creating your most important image.

4) Environment - By creating your private environment to get ready, we ensure you stay cool, calm, and collected the morning of your wedding. We strive to keep your surroundings at ease and leave the getting ready process to us! ENJOY!

5) Touch ups - After all is said and done, WE'RE STILL THERE! We will be with you every step of the way on your big day. We include touch up services for you long after the local stylists would "clock out". We will stand by for after ceremony touch ups, step in for veil and accessory placement, and make sure every hair looks perfect in photos! In the end, your whole event will be much more important than your hair and makeup, but we promise you'll appreciate every detail we cover!


All cost for travel are to be covered by the client. Costs include but are not limited to airfare, baggage fees, hotel (2 or 3 night minimum depending on destination and decided by stylist discretion), transportation to and from airport in both cities. Airfare and hotel information will be provided by client; however, final arrangements will be booked by your stylist for easy access and reference to details. Reimbursement may be requested before or after the trip based on stylist preference. Please have funds available at either time. Proof of purchase receipts will be collected and provided by the stylist.

Regular rates and gratuities for hair and makeup services still apply in addition to travel rates.


Individual custom contracts will be drafted and provided following booking request. 

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